Create Data Driven Ecosystems to foster innovation. Create new challenges to be address by a community of stakeholders.


Accelerators, Incubators, Universities and Business Education schools carrying out Data Driven innovation programs require a Data Sharing platform like priOps to facilitate accessing data for test and validation of new solutions.

Innovation Hubs allow to put in contact all stakeholders of Data Driven ecosystem. From Data Owners to new Data Driven developers. A whole chain is connected to produce innovative solutions to solve today’s challenges.

priOps helps you to create and participate in Data Driven Innovation Hubs through different formulas.

Public accelerators programs

Undertake regional challenges through Big Data Innovation

Corporate Data Innovation Platforms

Externalize in start ups internal challenges

Private accelerators program

Based on Big Data technologies, requiring a Data Sharing Platform

Universities and other educational organizations

With the eager to update, boost and lead Big Data innovation and programs