MyData Project




priOps devlops a Data Licensing platform to revolutionize Data Rights protection and change the way we understand the use of data.


MyData Smart tool covers the whole process from Data Licensing to Smart Contract management. It is the corporate solution to approach the legal use of customer data for innovation purposes.

Starting with automatic notifications, our platform facilitates private data use validation for innovation projects, generating automatic Smart Contracts supported with Blockhain Technology.

The value of personal data has increased significantly with the 4.0 revolution bringing an immense value for human development.

Protecting Data Rights is compatible with Data Innovation. We make it possible.

  • Imagine a world where everyone is able to access the information they are producing and stored by the companies. Telecommunications, Energy Suppliers, Insurance, Mobile Applications, etc.
  • Imagine people able to understand what is happening and what for organizations are using their information.
  • Imagine these same people deciding to which projects, developments, technologies and solutions they are willing to share their data.

Through priOps MyData Smart Tool in Real Time we make it possible.

We believe individuals are the center of the 4.0 revolution. They have Rights. They have the Power of innovation.


Data Accessibility

Access data  available in corporations connected to priOps platform at anytime

New Projects Information

Access the information of projects that data is being used for.

Data Licensing in Real Time

Through a new Authorization System and check in real time data requested for innovation purposes and accept of deny the licence of use.

Be part of the 4.0 Revolution
Take the power of data.