Step ahead from your competitors and lead the 4.0 revolution by unlocking the value of data


Centralize your data to take value of it. Unlock its potential for innovation.

Whether you need share and control data for internal use, externalize innovation to providers that can add value to your business model, or only make happy your customers giving them the power to decide what to do with the data generated priOps is here to help you.


Create Innovation Hubs to achieve the 4.0 Revolution

Take a step in 4.0 Revolution and create Data Challenges for start ups that can help to innovate in areas where your corporation has no expertise or resources to do it.

Centralize and gather you valuable data for Innovation. Control Data, Protect Data, and Share Data with the new tech providers. Let them help you to innovate.

Unlock data for internal use

Be Data Driven and make data the oil of innovation

Connect into our priOps innovation platform your Data from multiple sources  through a global API data. Make data more liquid inside your organization

Control access to departments and providers. Choose and decide who will access the data

Use our machine learning process to index and categorize the data to make it more accessible and simple to search for.

Respect your Customer Rights

Happy Customers helps make Happy Corporations

Lead the change, and really make a difference for your customer.Increase loyalty, trust and customer experience giving transparency of the data they produce and what you are using it for.

Let them access to the data and decide which one is shareable and which one is not. Let them be an active part of your innovation,  and let them decide which projects are creating value to them and of course to your Business.

DPO (Data Protection Officer)

Give your DPO the tool to control data rights.

The new Regulation Data Protection form EU, enforces companies with high volume of Data to appoint a Chief Data Protection Officer.

The DPO assures Data Protection Law is applied and requires to keep a register of all the operations that involve the processing (collection, use and/or storage) of your personal data carried out by the institution.