Data Empowering Individuals

Unlocking the Value of Data for a Smart Revolution

Data Sharing to Unlock Innovation


We make Private Data accessible and usable to develop new technologies.


Our Solution: Big Data Sharing Platform

  • Power to Individuals:Let the people control their data. Individuals have lost the control of their own data.  We give them the control and power to decide who will use it and what for.
  • Power to Corporations. Give new value to the data. Monetize the data, invest in new solutions, increase the market.
  • Power to Big Data Solutions Providers. Access Valuable Data and develop the new solutions that will improve the world.


Together we can help to drive a Smart Revolution.

Approximate potential annual value enabled by open data in seven “domains”
Metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emission reductions from buildings that could be identi ed through the use of open data
Medical, health, and fitness apps for smartphones
Hours per year could be saved by commuters from schedule changes based on open data


Our Contribution

Unlocking Data for Smart Revolution

We believe in the value of big data, as the new resource to drive the new revolution.

Data should be in control by owners and shared legally and under an approval process to solutions providers that can use it to build new technologies and data driven products.

The innovation is possible through Data Sharing.

Data is the key: The new asset to drive the new revolution

We are aware of the big amount of data in hands of data sources with an incalculable potential to be used by new actors of economy to develop data driven new technologies

Our main concern: control of personal data through Blockchain technology

We have developed a SaaS solution that will give access to individuals to their data in hands of third parties.

Through our Blockchain technology, individuals will be able to approve the use of their data in the projects they decide.

Development of regional solutions are key to international revolution

The complex data environment, contributes to develop data sharing regional initiative,  trying to approach a solution to big data development

We provide the technology required to connect regional data sharing initiatives, to a one unique platform, to allow future international solutions.

“Private Data for Revolution”


Individuals empowerment giving data owners the right and control to access the data in hands of others and decides who will access and what for.

Reuse of personal data in hands of solutions providers, giving access to others developers and companies, to build new innovative solutions to facilitate consumers life and transform the world.

Transforming the world to make it better through data revolution: the new industrial revolution

"In God we Trust, all others bring data"

William Edwards DemingStatistics Professor New York University

Data are Becoming the new Raw Material of Business

Craig MundieSenior Advisor CEO Microsoft

You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.

Daniel Keys MoranAmerican Writer and IT developer

The most valuable commodity I know is information.

Gordon GekkoBroker Character in Wall Street movie

If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine.

Jim Barksdaleex CEO Netscape

The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.

Carly FiorinaFormer CEO, Hewlett-Packard Co

It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.

Sherlock HolmesDetective literature character

We believe it is now the moment in which big data will solve some of our major challanges in agriculture development.

Bill GatesFundador Microsoft

We are experts in Big Data Sharing and Licensing. We help bringing the value of big data, to the new actors of the economy revolution, in a trustable and transparent automatic process. We do not forget the importance of usability or data management, to provide the best platform to solution providers.


Data Control and Security

Individuals and Corporations have the power to control the sharable data and decide when and what for will have the access.


Our SaaS platform uses the most advanced technology in Machine Learning and Blockchain to assure legal tech process, data access, and data normalization.

Legal Tech

We provide a legal automatized framework for the use of data based on Blockchain technology.


Through our automatized process, we assure the access of data to solution providers, in the fastest term possible, integrating legal licensing and real time access.

Quality of Data

We assure the quality of the data through our community of data experts, who  normalized and categorized each data source.

Innovation Ecosystem

We are building an unique innovation hub to integrate data of different verticals to give the truly value needed for economy revolution.

Open and Private Data

We provide access to open and private data considering legal requirements, with the goal to facilitate data driven products development and validation.


Only data owner will be able to access dadta, and thirds party with their authorization. It is the owner who decides to whom and how give access to the data.


We provide a data certification, assuring quality of data, control of data, and transparency. Our effort is protect data with latest technology.

We are Independent

We do not have any data interested party participating on our company. We are not interested in promoting or giving access to no particular data. Data is for owners to control, and solution providers to use for development.

Multidisciplinar team, where engineers are 67% of the company.

We have finished our proof of concept first quarter 201, after 18 months of work. Since  April, we are operatives.

Our culture values are hard work and professional behaviour. We are a start up team with an important and extensive background, but we know that our strength is in our honesty doing business. We are proud to be part of a possitive project that will contribute to improve the world.  Our happiness in our daily job makes the difference. Because helping the world to led a smart fourth revolution is our mission. We love to help.

We are hiring!

From May 2016 we are hiring new members of software development, sales and marketing. We look for technical experience, passionate for new technologies, experience in SaaS platforms, entrepreneurial character, and ready to learn.

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